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Etihad Airways is a full service airline and a flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, and is the third largest airline in the Middle East. It is based in Abu Dhabi. It operates a predominantly wide-body fleet, including the B777, A380, A330, A340 and B787. Etihad's frequent flier program is Etihad Guest, and is not a member of any recognised Alliance. However, Etihad does participate in its own Etihad Airways Partner program, which includes Alitalia, Jet Airways, airberlin, Niki, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles and Etihad Regional.

Economy score:

Class average:56.0%

Airline’s score:64.3%

Top score:100%


Business score:

Class average:53.2%

Airline’s score:61.8%

Top score:100%


First score:

Class average:62.6%

Airline’s score:84.1%

Top score:100%

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Latest Comments

danielle, 07.04.2017

First Class Apartment: The seats don't recline as far as they should for first class (without becoming a bed). Service is impeccable. Amazing that you can have your eggs cooked any way you'd like (including fried). Worth it for a long-haul flight.

, 06.04.2017

Service was particularly poor for a business traveller. The seats were also small (and I'm only 5'2!). If Etihad wants to consolidate itself as a strong middle eastern carrier it needs to improve significantly on the service they're offering.

, 11.08.2016

Very comfortable seats

stephenbrown848, 10.07.2016

Lounge at Manchester airport is not as good as its rival UAE airline by a long shot. Food onboard leaves room for improvement.

stephenbrown848, 10.07.2016

Biggest let down was the food.

, 03.03.2016

I was sitting in seat 69D which was amazing! There is no seat in front, so you get the legroom of an exit aisle without having people milling around you waiting for the toilet. Seat slightly smaller because the TV is in the arm rest.

, 03.03.2016

Seat was small. I'm 6'2" and my legs were jammed up in the seat in front. Poor entertainment choice (the space on the system was filled up by foreign content). Ticket was very expensive