About Us

Not all carriers are created equal, and for too long flyers have been at the whim and will of clever advertising and pricing. Flying isn’t free, and there are ways to significantly improve your travel experience by keeping an eye out for important factors when choosing your flight. We decided to build a crowd-based platform to recognise the wide differences in experiences had on different carriers.

We’re a team of aviation geeks with backgrounds ranging from aviation strategy to data science who believe in returning power to fellow flyers and empowering them with real, user-generated information.

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About our Methodology

Our scores are fully independent of us, and contain two sources – hard, verifiable data regarding seat and cabin features, and you. The survey response data is then crunched, cabin metrics sorted and ranked, and scores combined to give you a rounded, holistic assessment of the carrier’s true performance.

Our methodology is refined daily – keep in touch for important, exciting updates and new features!