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Emirates is a full service airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is the largest airline in the Middle East. It operates a predominantly wide-body fleet, including variants of the B777 and A380, and maintains a low average fleet age through regular renewals. Emirates' frequent flier program is Skywards, and is not a member of any existing Alliance.

Economy score:

Class average:56.0%

Airline’s score:66.3%

Top score:100%


Business score:

Class average:53.2%

Airline’s score:54.7%

Top score:100%


First score:

Class average:62.6%

Airline’s score:54.0%

Top score:100%

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Latest Comments

, 02.06.2017


danielle, 02.04.2017

Brilliant food and wine selection. Ordered the roast guinea fowl - great presentation and was restaurant quality. As always, Emirates in-flight entertainment is the top of its game, offering a selection of blockbuster hits.

stephenbrown848, 03.01.2017

Fantastic experience on this flight. Staff were very attentive and friendly. Food was superb and the wine and drinks choices exceeded expectations. Row 2 in first class has wider suite than first due to the narrowing fuselage.

stephenbrown848, 03.01.2017

This plane was configured to a two class cabin of business and economy. Important thing to note when choosing your seat is to avoid rows 1 and 2. The narrower fuselage at the front of the plane makes for a very cramped first couple of rows.

danielle, 02.07.2016

Bar area is a bit dated, and the food was surprisingly disappointing. Wine list and drinks choices were great and the seating was phenomenal (very spacious yet intimate).

stephenbrown848, 05.03.2016

First class suits on the Emirates 777 are great. Much more privacy than the A380s and with only 8 seats, it feels a lot more exclusive and personal. Service was without fault and transfer to and from the airport was hassle free.

stephenbrown848, 05.03.2016

Seats and service were excellent on the flight. Slight delay at Heathrow Airport waiting for the chauffeur service at Heathrow due to the full flight. They should really have more cars ready in advance.

stephenbrown848, 05.03.2016

Bar at the back of the plane is a superb feature on long haul flights. Transfer in Brisbane was straightforward and hassle free.

stephenbrown848, 05.03.2016

Food a step up on Australasian routes from others. Service was superb.

stephenbrown848, 05.03.2016

Comfortable seats with great service. However seats have a higher partition on the 777s which gives more privacy from others in the cabin. Also less seats in first on the 777s.